Jamie Azevedo grew up in rural  North Carolina.  Being surrounded by vivid southern characters and romantic landscapes ignited her imagination. Sitting on porches and hearing stories about the ghost in Aunt Sylvia's farmhouse to the shenanigans of Great Grandmother McCoy's biscuit throwing at luncheons made her appreciate the art of sharing a good narrative. Her sensitivity and sense of wonder about the world she inhabited also inspired her to want to be a storyteller. While living in Manhattan as a starving actress, she met a sensitive and thoughtful boy who was armed with an ancient Minolta camera and a huge heart.  So, she married him.  And borrowed his camera.  And fell deeply in love with the world of visual art.  And him.  

Transitioning from the stage to two-dimensional work allowed her to have complete creative control as well as deeply explore themes such as interconnectedness and mutuality.  Through this form of telling stories, she is also able to superimpose many of the lovely and funny conversations she has had with others in her work.  

She is inspired by the metaphysical world, history, meditation, ribbons, laughter, mind-bending conversations, the game of "what if", her amusing family, old movies, quirky humans, philosophy and the ludicrous yet jubilant journey that we are all on together.  

Currently, she lives North Dakota amongst icy snow drifts, the northern lights, and moose.